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The 25th Shanghai International Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Symposium, BIO-FORUM 2023, took place in Shanghai, attracting renowned brands from China and around the world. This prestigious event featured insightful presentations on emerging issues and cutting-edge technologies, complemented by an exhibition showcasing the latest advancements in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals field. Over 200 industry experts, academics, and business owners from both domestic and international spheres were invited to share their expertise and perspectives on the current trends and challenges in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals field.

Win Coat Corporation, a global leader in microarray patch production, excels not only in manufacturing but also in research and development. We were honored with a VIP invitation to share our pioneering WINMAPTM microarray patch technology platform at the event. Additionally, we actively participated in a project matchmaking meeting organized by PATH, where we interacted with several esteemed pharmaceutical companies from China. Our WINMAPTM platform technology garnered significant interest among the participants, leading to stimulating discussions and potential collaborations. A particularly noteworthy topic of discussion is the cooperation regarding the vaccine MAP development with China’s leading vaccine and pharmaceutical manufacturers.