Vaccine Microarray Patch

Technical Development

According to the market report (Greystone, 2016), the Microneedle Array Patch (MAP) demonstrates significant potential for substantial market growth, especially in the vaccines field. WCC has entered into collaborations with several institutions to develop vaccine MAPs. One such collaboration aims to integrate advanced B5-type vaccine for Enterovirus 71 (EV71) with WCC’s MAP technology, given the severity of EV71 infections. Additionally, research is being conducted on platform development for mRNA vaccine MAPs. The potential outcome of these collaborations is the future availability of Vaccine Microarray Patches (MAPs) that could address worldwide healthcare needs.


Endovirus MNP EV71 type vaccine/ Flu/Others


1. The amount of vaccine can be substantially reduced to less than 20 %.
2. Painless application is highly acceptable.
3. No need to go to hospitals.
4. MNP is in solid form, no need for low-temperature storage, transportation is much cheaper the cost (cold chain is substantially reduced).


R&D / ODM / others


Given the limitations of traditional vaccine injection methods, the vaccine microarray patch emerges as a promising solution. An international organization, the Vaccine Innovation Prioritization Strategy (VIPS), comprising five major healthcare organizations including PATH, WHO, GAVI, UNICEF, and the Gates Foundation, aims to expand vaccine coverage in low- and middle-income countries. Their research has shown that the microarray patch is a top innovation for alternative vaccine delivery, especially in areas with limited access to healthcare.

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Why Choosing Win Coat's Vaccine MAPs?

WCC’s vaccine MAP can penetrate the skin painlessly, providing a solution for individuals with a fear of needles. Moreover, the vaccine MAP ensures accurate delivery of the vaccine beneath the skin with precise dosage. Others advantage of WCC’s microneedle is efficient logistic, easy to use, and provide reduction of biomedical wastes. In the production of the vaccine MAP, WCC utilizes the WINMAPᵀᴹ platform, which includes an exclusive formulation that enhances the capabilities to create MAPs for various types of vaccines. Furthermore, this process is supported by advanced automatic production, ensuring a high yield rate.



We firmly believe that MAP represents the future of vaccine delivery, with the potential to address global vaccine challenges effectively. As such, we remain committed to open collaboration for the continued development of this groundbreaking vaccine MAP technology. Our goal is to expand its application to combat a wide range of diseases worldwide.