Drug Microarray Patch

Technical Development

WCC has pioneered an advanced microneedle platform geared toward the efficient production of Microarray Patches (MAPs). WCC’s platform has laid a robust foundation that can accommodate various types of drugs through advanced formulation process to accomodate drug such as insulin, pain relief, hormones, and more, all within the framework of MAPs. As innovators in the field of MAPs, WCC has captured the attention of several pharmaceutical companies’ interest by the prospect of incorporating their own drugs into WCC’s MAPs.


Diabetes, HGH, Antiemetic, Pain-relief


1. Dosage can be precisely controlled
2. Exclusive controlled release mechanism
3. Feasible to submit 505(b)2 regulatory pathway


ODM/RD or others

WCC’s Pain-relief Patch

Currently, WCC is in the process of developing a pain-relief patch that utilize microneedle technology. Unlike the currently available dosage forms on the market, microneedles are expected to provide a faster onset time compared to topical or transdermal applications and offer a longer duration of relief. Moreover, WCC’s microneedles are designed to be painless and ensure precise drug delivery to the affected area.