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Win Coat Corporation’s journey for new products has been marked by significant milestones and achievements, particularly in the field of microneedles. We have successfully introduced microneedle technology for cosmetic applications, earning trust and recognition in the society. With relentless dedication to research and development, we are excited to announce the expansion of our microarray patches (MAPs) capabilities to include drugs, therapeutics, and vaccine applications.


In February 2024, we took a monumental step forward by officially rebranding ourselves as WCC Biomedical. This name change signifies more than just a shift in identity; it symbolizes our unwavering commitment to advancing MAPs for pharmaceutical and vaccine applications. Through this transition, we reaffirm our dedication to addressing the existing drug delivery limitations in the market. Our technology encompasses adequate drug delivery, precision drug control, and automatic mass production, aiming to contribute novel solution to the challenges in the biomedical world.